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Reel blood - original variant (light)

Reel Creations Reel Blood

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Reel Creations' Reel Blood brand fake blood is one of our biggest selling blood products, and it comes in two gory shades that are great for recreating wounds and bloody messes:

  • "Aged" mimics the appearance of old, undried, or veinous (de-oxygenated) blood
  • "Original" style is light red to imitate fresh arterial blood

Both of these stage bloods look very realistic on camera.

Reel Blood is manufactured in a clean facility. The manufacturer indicates on their website that the product is okay for use in the mouth, provided it is spit out and the mouth rinsed with water. If the Reel Blood is to be used in the mouth, the Reel Blood should ONLY come from a freshly opened bottle.

MANUFACTURER'S WARNING: Not to be ingested.  Do not use in the eyes or other open orifices of the body.  

» Download the Reel Blood SDS

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