Sweeney Sheaves sometimes called Sweeney pullys

Sweeney Sheaves and Pulleys

Sweeney Sheaves High Quality Pulleys

Discover our wide range of sheaves designed specifically for the entertainment and other specialty industries. Our exceptional selection includes sizes ranging from the compact 3/64 in. to the large 1/2 in. variants. Some of our sheaves feature double and triple pulleys to meet your specific needs.

These versatile sheaves are utilized for a wide range of applications including cable and synthetic rope rigging for special effects, stunts, theater, as well as industrial and scientific venues.

Crafted with precision, we mill the cheeks from 6061 T6 aluminum billet using our precision CNC machines. To prevent fouling and to keep the sheaves as low profile as possible the pulleys are recessed within the cheeks.

The pulleys for the 3/64 in. sheaves, 1/2' Kernmantle rope snatch blocks, 5/8' Highline Dolly wheels, and 1/2 in. sheaves are expertly turned on our CNC lathe. Our sheaves are equipped with shielded single row ball bearings for the 3/64' and 3/32' sizes, while the 1/8' diamond sheaves feature precision metric sealed single row ball bearings. For all other pulleys, we utilize precision metric double row sealed ball bearings.

To ensure our sheaves are the most dependable and durable in the industry, all fasteners are either stainless or alloy steel. Our sheaves are built to withstand the demands of any project.

In the entertainment industry, we know how important sound is. We've designed our sheaves to remain completely silent during operation, setting them apart from many marine, industrial, and rock climbing sheaves. Even the most discerning sound professionals will appreciate their noiseless performance.

As a testament to their durability, all of our sheave sizes have undergone rigorous destructive testing, with the cable breaking before any damage occurred to the sheave itself. Featuring CNC milled and black type II anodized cheeks, along with stainless or alloy steel fasteners, our sheaves are built to withstand the demands of any project.

Explore our exceptional range of Sweeney Sheaves and experience the unmatched quality and performance they offer.