Sweeney Elevator Sheaves
Sweeney Double Elevator Sheave
Sweeney Triple Elevator Sheave
Sweeney Elevator Sheaves

Sweeney Elevator Sheaves

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Sweeney Elevator Sheaves

The 3/32 Elevator Sheaves were originally designed for 'Galaxy Quest' (1999) to operate doors on the spaceship set. Every door opened differently; single slider, double slider from both sides, double slider from same side, triple slider, etc. We had to make a whole range of compact Sheaves that would be able to fit within the set walls so that we would be able to offer each door style. 

The 3/32 inch  Sheaves are the perfect size to conceal inside set walls. Even the double sheave will fit inside the door frame of an elevator set.

Typically, we use 1/16" 7x19 cable to rig elevator doors, even though the sheave can accommodate 3/32" cable. The reason behind this choice is that the 1/16" cable offers lower bending resistance. A 3/32" cable may break over the smaller diameter pulley. 

Elevator sheave shackle

Please note: We do not offer a shackle for the double or triple elevator sheave pulley size.

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