3D Printing in Los Angeles / Van Nuys

3D printing Roger George in Los Angeles, Van Nuys

Get your project 3D printed at Roger George Special effects. Perfect for creating 3D printed parts, props, and prototypes!

What We Offer:
-3D printing to create practical models of your your digital drawings and ideas
-Designing of parts to fit your needs
-Cost savings by producing parts at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing
-Faster part production than machining/molding processes

*3D Printing Costs can be determined only after analyzing the unique part. Design cost (modifying existing parts, designing new parts, and preparing parts for printing) is $75 per hour.

What makes our 3D printer different from desktop and hobbyist 3D printers?

Our 3D Printer is an industrial-grade machine manufactured by Stratasys—the leading 3D printer company. It’s the same model used by aerospace companies to generate prototype parts. We also use high-quality materials to provide better quality pieces and tighter tolerances than other 3D printers.

What can you print on our 3D printer?

The short answer is “anything.” If you can imagine a part, we can print it. Unlike other forms of manufacturing, 3D printing has far fewer limitations on its ability to create complex shapes or “impossible” parts.

3D printed Chess pieceThe chess piece shown on the right has a spiral staircase inside that goes all the way from the base to the roof. Making one of these pieces through traditional manufacturing would be extremely difficult. This piece would be impossible to machine with a mill or lathe. Sculpting it out of wax for casting would be extremely time consuming—especially the inside of the castle. What’s more, it would have to be cast in several pieces and then assembled. 3D printing makes creating complex pieces like this one relatively easy.

3D Printed WrenchIn addition to complex parts, we can print actual working assemblies, meshing gears, locking mechanisms, joints, fasteners, bearings, hinges and parts inside of parts. The 3D printed standard crescent wrench pictured here functions as designed with no assembling, sanding, trimming or snipping. The thumb-screw will turn and adjust the wrench teeth just like a real wrench!

3D printing lets you you bring your design from the computer into reality in just a couple of hours—making the development process move much faster.

What materials can you print?

Our machine is equipped to print ABS plastic parts. ABS plastic is the same material from which Lego bricks are made. It’s a strong, durable plastic that’s great for prototyping, or producing finished products. We can print parts in a variety of colors, and all of the parts can be painted. 

How does it work?

All 3D printing start with an idea for piece. The idea gets rendered in CAD software (CAD stands for Computer Aided Design). The software slices the piece into layers (about .01″ thick) and sends each layer to the printer. The printer then heats ABS plastic to over 500 degrees Fahrenheit and extrudes the plastic very precisely, layer by layer, building the part from the bottom to the top. 

Our printer is even equipped with a second extruder for support material for overhanging parts during the printing process (like the structure supporting a bridge during construction). After printing, the support material is removed—easily.

I have something I want to make, but I'm not familiar with any CAD software. Can you draw the part for me?

Yes! Our skilled, in-house designer/engineers would be happy to help you design and print your part. They can be reached by phone through the Roger George Special Effects main number (818)-994-3049.

I have a part file that I designed, or had designed for me, can you print it?

Chances are, yes, we can. If you’ve designed a part that you want printed, give us a call at 818-994-3049 and ask for Chris.

How much does 3D printing cost?

The closest estimate we can give is $10 per cubic inch for the part itself—A 1″ x 1″ x 1″ cube would be approximately $10). We also charge $75 per hour for our designer’s time spent rendering or modifying your design.

Have more questions?

Give us a call 818-994-3049