Fire Prevention

We carry several fire retardants that let you protect sets, props, and costumes from supporting flame—and they are invisible on camera.

When used properly, FlameOut, Flamecheck, Barricade, and C199.01 are all excellent products for preventing fire from spreading.  These barriers let you control what burns and how the fire moves after ignition.

There are four types of FlameOut products that are very useful when you have a variety of materials to protect: 

    1. fabric is used specifically for coating fabric including upholstery, carpets, wardrobe.
    2. paint additive can be put in paint before coating surfaces.
    3. liquid lets you coat a variety of surface with spray on application.
    4. powder comes in bulk so you can make large quantities of retardant. 

Flamecheck has a fluorescent dye that only shows up under black light. The dye lets you get a clear visual of how well a surface is coated and it’s water soluble.  

Barricade is most widely used on structures—it’s the stuff you see people spraying on their homes when they’re are brush fires nearby. It works very well.

C199.01, FlameOut Liquid, and FlameOut Powder are engineered for use on cotton, wood, and natural fibers.

If you need fire resistant cloth there’s Panther Felt.

When you need to cool a hot surface quickly, we have Cold Fire Cooling Spray. It dramatically reduces surface temperatures in a hurry.

NOTE: We don't use the term fire proof at Roger George—EVERYTHING burns at high enough temperatures. The term fire proof is frequently used in marketing and it is NOT ACCURATE.