Pyrotechnic Support

Pyrotechnic Support

Pyrotechnics are as spectacular as they are dangerous. And we know your livelihood depends on delivering fire, sparks, and explosions safely and reliably.

It’s why the items in our pyrotechnic equipment inventory are selected first and foremost for helping operators to safely and reliably deliver spectacles big and small.

One of the best methods for establishing a safe and continuous firing circuit is with a five (5) mA (milli-amp) Wizard Galvanometer Demolition Safety Light - DSL—this device should be in every operator’s toolbox. You don’t want to hit the fire button and get no action due to a poorly connected wire.

Another safety protocol is delivering enough power to make sure you achieve ignition.  If you’re looking to fire just one shot, we have two great options—The Wizard 50G3 High Powered One Shot Firing System and

The Wizard 50G2 Mini-Blasting Machine - Firing Trigger.  Both devices can deliver 50 shots over a half-mile of 22 gauge military communications wire. Both have built in YELLOW continuity lights that let you know you have continuity.  The G3 IS made of more durable material.

If you’re using a wireless remote firing system it is a VERY GOOD IDEA to check for possible signal interference with an RF Explorer Handheld Spectrum Analyzer—especially if you’re working on a sound-stage or movie lot. Movie lots often have multiple productions featuring pyrotechnics. And their firing systems do use overlapping or even the same frequencies—so it’s possible for an operator on a different stage to trigger your pyro.

You can even build your own wired firing system with our spring loaded Pyroclips.  Pyroclips have been the go-to workhorse of electrical terminals in self-built firing systems for decades. They’re durable and they make connecting wires easy and quick.


If you’re in the market for an advanced fireworks firing system, we are the exclusive North American distributor of Pyrodigital firing systems.

The Pyrodigital FC-A Field Controller is loaded with new hardware and software to make it extra-reliable.  The FC-A has five independent/redundant outputs each with it’s own non-thermal (magnetic) circuit breaker. It has two internal 12-volt gelled lead acid battery and an easy to read battery level indicator.  It even has its own internal timing system in case the audio tone is interrupted for any reason. PLUS it has a 4,096 shot capacity and can fire 50 igniters every .005 seconds.

Pyrodigital also has a more compact field controller—the FC-E Raptor. It doesn’t have all of the redundancy of the FC-A, but they do share all of the same advanced technology.  The FC-E is much lighter weight and smaller in size so it is easier to transport.

Pyrodigital is now manufacturing its new Firing Module—the FM-A. Each FM-A has built in SMART three-way splitters.  The three way splitters make it easier to layout your field and dramatically reduce the amount of cable needed. The “smart” feature means that, in the unlikely event of a short you only lose connectivity beyond that point. (In the past you would lose all the firing capacity of all addresses on that cable all the way back to the FC).  The FM-A also features resin encased circuitry to prevent corrosion and extend its lifetime.

Holatron Transmitters and Receivers

Holatron brand transmitters and receivers are specifically designed and engineered for use in motion pictures.  These devices are safe, reliable AND compact—so they are very portable and extremely versatile.

Holatron Transmitters

Holatron manufactures a series of transmitters in different sizes and shot capacities. The transmitters feature proprietary transmission frequencies to dramatically reduce interference.  

  • The Holatron Acoustic Transmitter detects the discharge of a firearm blank-round and in milliseconds sends a signal to the receiver to detonate the bullet hit.
  • The Holatron 2-Button Transmitter The two buttons are A and B. Pressing A advances through charges 1 to 12 then repeats.  Pressing B fires charges 1-12 at intervals determined by the timing wheel.
  • The Holatron InstantFire 12B Transmitter has a capacity of 144-shots and lets you to fire in sequence, rapid-fire, and at random. The power is turned on and off from the keypad, to prevent accidental power-up. LED lights indicate battery level, arm state, current channel, and next firing address.

Safety on Studio Lots
If you will be using any type of wireless firing system on a studio lot, we strongly recommend checking with operators working on other stages in order to avoid using the same transmission channels.  Most Holatron devices allow you to select from multiple channels to avoid overlap.

Holatron Receivers
Holatron receivers are designed for use in a variety of circumstances. They come in different sizes—from extremely small to the size of a book. The receivers are also built with different shot capacities—single, six, and twelve.

  • The Holatron Micro Receiver isn’t much larger than a quarter—it is super easy to conceal onset and even in wardrobe. It’s powered by two watch batteries. It can fire one shot, then needs to be reset.
  • The Holatron Single Shot Mini Receiver is powered by a nine-volt battery. The case is 2”x3/4”x1” it is significantly smaller than the average cell phone.
  • The Holatron Six Shot Compact Receiver has a capacity of six shots. The case is smaller than a cellphone so it is easy to conceal on set or in wardrobe.  Great for rigging multiple body hits.
  • The Holatron Six Shot Rapid Fire Receiver with Pouch  Same as the Six Shot Compact Receiver except the pouch has a belt loop, that makes it easy to secure on talent wardrobe.
  • The Holatron Six Shooter Receiver is built into a Pelican brand case that is water and dust resistant.  It’s great for placements where you can’t control debris and moisture.
  • The Holatron 12-Shot Firing Receiver has a range of 1/4 mile. It has a 3 amp output and is compatible with all Holatron 6 & 12 Shot transmitters.


  • The Holatron Spread Spectrum Firing System 32 Shot features a long range transmitter and receiver.  Both devices communicate with each other to verify continuity.  The programming allows you to fire at various speeds and also to fire in segments.
  • Holatron Spread Spectrum Battery Charger The battery charger for the Spread Spectrum Firing System is sold separately.  You will need to purchase this item to operate the firing system.

Holatron Encoding
For added protection against misfire due to interference, the manufacturer will, for a nominal fee, assign a Custom System Code to your devices, so that only your transmitters will fire your receivers. The manufacturer maintains records of the encoding assigned to you, should you decide to acquire more devices in the future.

Do you want to create great looking bullet hits?  A big part of achieving that goal depends on the material the imaginary bullet is supposed to hit.

Our Brass Bullet Hit Shields are excellent for rigging blood hits.  They come in a variety of sizes so you can select an appropriate fit for your charge. They’re very durable and when built into a squib that is padded with sorbothane. Stunt-people and talent may not even feel the charge go off.

Another great way to rig a bullet hit is “The Hit Kit - Bullet Hit Squib Kit.” The kit streamlines the process of making professional grade bullet hits on people. You’ll be able to build your squibs quicker and easier. We’ve even put together a simple to follow Hit Kit demo—that delivers great results SAFELY!  

And if you’re going to produce bullet hits on talent you need to back your blood packs with padding—we recommend Sorbothane - Bullet Hit Shield Backing.  It comes in a variety of colors and textures to meet a variety of operating conditions.

We Have Answers
If you have any questions when it comes to delivering “fire” SAFELY for motion pictures, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 818-994-3049.