Haze Fluid

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If you look closely, you’ll see the use of haze in every motion picture.

Filmmakers are keenly aware of the dramatic impact of using atmosphere to define lighting and use it as an element of composition—and even to influence “eye movement.”  Haze is also used to separate foreground from background and middle ground to create depth to accentuate the perception of distance.

There are even different types of haze.  We tested a variety of haze machines under controlled conditions.  We used the same lighting, the same camera settings, but different haze machines using different fluid. If you would like to see the images, they’re including in our blog “Getting the Right Look with Fog and Haze”.

Look Unique Haze Fluid is terrific for period piece films.  It’s water-based and produces haze with a warm tone on camera.

Ultratec Luminous 7 and Le Maitre PureHaze Fluid are great for all around atmosphere to enhance composition. It is water-based, the haze it produces has a very slight blue cast and is very close to the look and feel produced by the old oil based fluids.

Le Maitre C-Beam Fluid for G300 is a great choice if you need to create sharp contrast between light and dark in a shot. Our testing showed that C-Beam produces a very slight shift to blue and it’s great for accentuating laser light.

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