Fog Fluid

Fog Fluid

Creating the right cinematic image means getting the right atmospheric effects—especially fog and haze.  And that means selecting the right kind of fog juice—which is the same thing as fog fluid. (Some manufacturers call their product "juice" others call it "fluid.")

We sell several different kinds of fog fluid, so you can deliver what the script and cinematographer need.

And PLEASE make sure you ONLY USE the correct fog fluid for your machine.  Most fog machine manufacturers insist that you only use their brand of fluid in their machines.

IMPORTANT: Using any fog fluid other than the manufacturer's brand will clog your machine and void your warranty.  

It’s why we sell fluids for each of the major fog machine manufacturers—so you can get exactly what you need.

See our fog fluid and haze fluid list below.

If you need a fog that “hangs” and remains consistent throughout a scene or across several takes, there’s a fluid for it.  When you need the fog to fade away slowly or vanish quickly there’s quick dissipating and extra quick dissipating fog fluid.

If you need to create haze, there’s even a specific fluid for that too.

We’re the company Hollywood’s top special effects operators turn to when they want to create fog.  

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Questions about fog/haze and virus spread?  Check out the information here.