Bullet Hit Effects

Bullet Hit Effects

Bullet Hit Effects

There are a lot of ways to create bullet hit effects and they all look great on film.  The big question is, what is the hypothetical bullet going to hit? Your target material is one of the most important factors in rigging a bullet hit.

Dust Hits

Sweeney Dust Hits are great for impacts on objects and surfaces. They’re especially easy to use since they can be fired out of a standard paintball gun, and they come in a variety of colors to simulate hits on brick, concrete, asphalt and many other materials.  We even sell Sweeney Capsules the empty casings so you can assemble them yourself.

Another type of dust hit that we carry are Technoballs.  They have a dimpled casing so the ball travels straighter and farther.  The dust inside a Technoball is a reddish-tan that’s slightly darker than our Fuller’s earth. The casing on Teknoballs crumbles on impact.

Blood Hits

For bullet hits on people there are two main techniques—pneumatic and pyrotechnic. Our Air Squib Bullet Hit Kit (pneumatic) is very easy to operate, it creates a very realistic impact, and does not require a license to operate. Another way to go is our Stearic Acid (wax) Gun Kit. The kit helps you make soft wax pellets filled with fake blood that you can shoot at talent to create a great blood hit effect.

Pyrotechnic Bullet Hits

For professional pyrotechnicians with the appropriate licensing, we definitely have all the materials you need to build your squibs. Have you heard about The Hit Kit? It comes with reusable blood cups that reduce mess and speed up the assembly of your squibs. The kit includes a clothing stippler to soften wardrobe so you’ll even MAKE GREAT LOOKING BULLET HOLES. We even have fake blood in a variety of colors and consistencies—so you can get the right splatter.

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