Sweeney bullet hits - color variations
Sweeney bullet hit capsules - Fuller's earth
Sweeney bullet hit capsules - black
Sweeney bullet hit capsules - red (brick)
Sweeney bullet hit capsules - grey (cement)
Sweeney bullet hit capsules - white (talcum powder)
Sweeney movie dirt hit
Sweeney dust hits - Fuller's earth - 100 pack
Sweeney dust hits - 25 pack
Sweeney Dust Hits - 10 pack

Bullet Hit Dust Hits - Sweeney

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Want to create the effect of a bullet hitting a surface WITHOUT pyrotechnics? Dust hits are a fantastic option.

Our dust hits are 68.9 cal so they can be fired from either a Sweeney gun or a paintball gun, and they come in different colors so you can imitate the look of bullet hits on a variety of surfaces:

  • Fuller's Earth 
  • Walnut Dust - NOTE: be sure to check for walnut allergies before using
  • Black - Calcium carbonate tinted black to mimic asphalt
  • Red - Calcium carbonate tinted red to look like brick
  • Grey - Calcium carbonate tinted grey to simulate concrete
  • White - Calcium carbonate or zeolite
  • Movie Dirt - slightly darker beige than Fuller's Earth

Always use care when firing Sweeney capsules.

NEVER shoot Sweeney capsules at people or anything living!

Colored dust hits may stain surfaces. 

If you want to make your own check out out empty Sweeney capsules.


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