Rain Effects

Rain Effects

Finding The Right Rain Effects Tools

Creating realistic rain effects on camera is easy if you have the right type of rainhead. Do you want big rain drops, small rain drops, a heavy downpour or a light misting? We have a variety of products so you can make it rain.

Curiously, a frequently searched term on our site is for "portable rain machine." It's odd because there is no such thing.  We sell portable fog machines, haze machines, and smoke machines—why wouldn't there be a portable rain machine? 

Truth be told, the process of creating great looking rainfall is pretty straightforward.  The volume of rain depends on flow rate through a rain head—higher flow rate means heavier rain. If you want the appearance of especially heavy rainfall you may need to use multiple rain heads. Also, The speed at which the rain falls through your shot is proportional to the height of your rain head—the higher the rain head, the faster the rain falls.  Also, 

Spinning Rain Heads

We sell spinning rain heads with a 1-½” pipe and a 2-½” pipe. The larger diameter allows for a higher flow rate, which means heavier rainfall.  The spinning heads produce non-uniform rainfall to create a natural look. The spinning head also creates depth, as the slant of the rain in the foreground is opposite to the background.

Bird’s Mouth Rain Heads

The most frequently used rain head is the bird’s mouth. They produce a regular rainfall pattern and flow rate can be adjusted simply by turning the faucet. We sell a 4 Hole Body Rain Head and a 3 Hole Body Rain Head especially designed for bird’s mouths that produce omni-directional rainfall. We also sell Bird’s Mouth apertures singly.

Collared Rain Heads

Another solution that’s easy to operate is the Collared Rain Head. This type of rain head has a collar that can be adjusted to produce small or large droplets.

If you’re not sure which rain head to purchase, give us a call at 818-994-3049