Snow and Ice Effects and Products

Snow and Ice Effects and Products


We stock a lot of great products so you can make realistic snow and ice effects on set.  With our help, you’ll be able to make it look like it snowed in the middle of July.

Snow Accents
In film and TV snow and ice frequently appears on windows, wreaths, and trees. To recreate snow and ice on windows we carry Santa Ice Crystal Spray and Santa Snow Frost. Both are simple to use spray cans.

For highlighting wreaths and trees with snow, we carry Santa Snow Spray and Santa Snow Blower.  Both are terrific for “flocking” objects with simulated snow.  The Snow Blower produces a much thicker coating than the Snow Spray.

Large Area Coverage
If you’re looking to cover large areas like lawns and rooftops with snow we have Snow Blankets and SnowBiz Snow in regular and fine flakes.  The Snow Blankets come in rolls that are 90’ L x 54’ W x 1” thick—and the material can be cut with a regular pair of scissors—making it easy to dress a large area very quickly.

A box of SnowBiz Snow will cover 120 sq ft with 1” of fluffy flakes. It’s terrific for recreating snow on top of objects.

If you’re looking for fluffy and sparkly snow we have Snow Real.  It looks terrific on window sills, sidewalks, on top of cars—plus, it’s non-flammable.

Snow Effects
If you need to make it look like it’s actually snowing you’ll need a snow machine and snow fluid.  We sell both Snow Fluid and SnoFoam. Snow  Fluid is specifically formulated for use in LeMaitre Snow Machines.  For SnoFoam operators need to use a pressure pot.

Ice Effects
You can create crushed ice using either Polysorb 1 or Polysorb 2.  They’re both non-toxic and safe to handle.

If you need to create snow-cone-style granular ice, use Polysorb 1.  Poly-sorb 1 is a powder that blooms when mixed with water and looks just like ice. When mixed with water it almost instantly creates ice-like granules.

If the shot calls for ice in a cooler (party ice) use Polysorb 2. When mixed with water it forms fake ice chunks. Polysorb 2 takes about 20-30 minutes

Polysorb is a super absorbent polymer that absorbs water almost instantly.  Polysorb is used by Special Effects Operators, Food Stylists, and Magicians.  

Food Stylists use Polysorb to create frozen margaritas. They also use Polysorb 2 creates chunky crushed ice and it’s great for recreating the look of ice on fish in a fishmarket.

Fake Ice Cubes

We even have realistic silicone rubber ice cubes! They look great in beverages and the DO NOT melt, so there are no continuity issues.

For more advice on snow effects don’t hesitate to call 818-994-3049.