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Polysorb Prop Crushed Ice

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You can create long-lasting, incredibly realistic fake ice with Polysorb. We crafted the “ice” in the product image on this page with it.

Polysorb is a very easy to use powder that you mix with water to produce realistic imitation ice—that lasts. And it’s non-toxic.

Polysorb 1

When you need to create the look of granular ice—similar to the kind used in snow cones—Polysorb 1 is the way to go. Mix it with water and Polysorb 1 almost instantly produces fake ice. Food stylists prefer Polysorb 1 for simulating frozen margaritas.

Polysorb 2

If the shot calls for ice in a cooler (party ice) use Polysorb 2. When mixed with water it forms ice chunks. Polysorb 2 takes about 30 - 60 minutes to fully develop. It’s perfect for recreating the ice used in the fresh fish display in a market.

It’s important to know that Polysorb looks like ice, but does NOT have the consistency of ice. Polysorb has a consistency similar to firm gelatin.

Both Polysorb 1 and 2 last for a long time. Polysorb 1 and 2 will last for a full day of shooting under hot lights. If it appears to be drying out, you can rehydrate by spraying it with additional water.

Try our rubber ice cubes in drinks in order to maintain continuity across multiple takes.

» Download the Polysorb 1 SDS

» Download the Polysorb 2 SDS

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