Pyro clip all types with ruler for size comparison
Pyro clip size comparison
Pyro clip type details
Pyro clip - standard
How to connect a wire to a pyro clip, step 1
How to connect a wire to a pyro clip, step 2
Wire connected to a pyro clip
Stainless steel pyro clip (red)
Stainless steel pyro clip (black)
Mini pyro clip (red)
Mini pyro clip (black)
Standard stainless steel PyroClip - red
Standard pyro clip (black)
Solder tip pyro clip (red)
Solder tip pyro clip (black)
Tall l stainless steel PyroClip - red
Tall stainless steel PyroClip - black
Solder tip pyro clip (red)
Solder tip pyro clip (black)
PyroClip color display
PyroClips - stainless steel
PyroClips - PCB
PyroClips - solder tip
PyroClips - solder tip
PyroClips - stainless steel


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The Original PyroClip(TM) electrical terminals are built to last. (These clips are sometimes called binding posts, beehive connectors, or spring loaded wire posts.)

They're available in three sizes:

  • Mini
  • Standard
  • Tall

And three types of post configurations:

  • Solder tip
  • Stainless w/solder lug
  • Printed circuit board (PCB)

We keep an inventory of the following:

  • Tall, solder-tip, red and black
  • Tall, stainless steel, red and black
  • Standard, stainless steel, red and black
  • Standard, solder-tip, red and black
  • Mini, stainless steel, red and black
  • Mini, printed circuit board, red and black.

All other configurations are built-to-order, require lead-time, and can only be ordered by phone.

When placing your order, please specify:

  • Quantity
  • Size (mini, standard, tall)
  • Color
  • Post (solder tip, stainless steel, printed circuit board)

Thread Size:  Standard 10/32, Tall 8/32, and Mini 4/40

Limited quantities of PyroClips available in:

  • Mini-sized yellow and orange
  • Standard-sized orange, yellow, green, blue, grey, and purple
  • Tall-sized yellow


  • Stainless steel construction for strength and corrosion resistance
  • Industrial-strength nylon
  • Includes stainless nut and keps nut
  • Easy-to-release wires that will not pull out
  • Five ignites from a single clip
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Ruggedly designed to handle harsh environments
  • Universal design


Overall diameter .506 in (12.85 mm)
Overall length 1.480 in (37.59 mm)
Height above mounting surface .5995 in (15.23 mm)
Depth below mounting surface .866 in (22 mm)
Mounting hole diameter .315 in (8 mm)
Mounting surface thickness .0315 - .1187 in (0.8 - 4.75 mm)
Material Stainless steel spring, washer, nut, keps nut
Plastic Strength nylon
Shipping weight .215 oz (6.1 g)



  • Orange; yellow; green; blue; grey; and purple PyroClips are special order and require lead time
  • Colors other than red and black can only be ordered by phone
  • We do not make the tall size clip with a PCB post

Bulk pricing available.

We recommend ordering a DSL galvanometer to test circuits along with your PyroClips.


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