Blood Effects

Blood Effects

Let’s get real about fake blood.

We keep a wide variety of fake blood, stage blood, and blood effect products on our shelves to deliver the “look” of every state of actual blood.  Do you need oxygenated (light/arterial) or de-oxygenated (dark/veinous) fake blood? Liquid stage blood or dried blood? We’ve got goods to deliver the ghastly, gristly, gruesome, and gory.

We have a few options to recreate the DARK shade of stage blood—we have Reel Blood Aged, Kryolan Blood Dark, Theatrical Blood, RED DRUM, Theatrical Blood and Air Squib Blood. Reel Blood Aged looks terrific on camera.  Many TV cop and medical shows like to use Kryolan Dark, it’s non-corn syrup based so the rubber gloves worn by talent don’t get sticky. Theatrical Blood is made with corn syrup so it easily dissolves in and can be thinned with water.  When cut in half with water, Theatrical Blood can be pumped through tubing to create spurting blood.  Our Theatrical Blood also looks great in a syringe. There’s also RED DRUM which is a big seller with operators rigging blood hits.  And then there’s our own Air Squib Blood made for use with our Air Squib Bullet Hit Kit.

If you need to recreate spurting blood (arterial) you’ll want a LIGHT, bright red fake blood. Take a look at Kryolan Blood Light or Reel Blood Original. Kryolan Blood Light is non-corn syrup based so it’s not sticky.  Reel Blood Original looks like fresh arterial blood and is great for very realistic fresh wounds on camera.

Vanishing blood is terrific when you need a spotless clean up—it vanishes with just a little bit of bleach.

It’s also great when you’ll be shooting multiple takes that involve blood in a swimming pool. It would be a real pain if you had to wait for the blood to dissipate through the filtration system. Vanishing Blood (aka Shark Blood) vanishes when you add just a little extra chlorine (bleach).

The older real blood gets, the thicker it gets.  Reel Creations makes three types of gooey fake blood that looks just like older blood—it has the consistency of peanut butter. Reel Creations Blood Paste: Aged, Fresh, and Old Dried, they’re terrific for gory makeup and for adding realism to exposed organs.

If you need to capture skin being cut on camera we have the solution—actually it’s two solutions.  Our A/B Blood is two solutions that when mixed turn blood red. Apply Solution A to the blade of a rubber knife, apply Solution B to the skin—when the rubber knife drags across the skin the skin will appear to bleed.

Are you looking to recreate spurting blood? Our Artery Pump is very easy to rig and operate—on camera it looks you’ve opened up an artery.  

Or are you looking to recreate bleeding from the mouth? Stick a Blood Capsules by Kryolan in the talent’s mouth.  When they bite down on it, their saliva will look like real blood.