Look Viper NT Fog Machine

Look Solutions Viper NT Fog Machine

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The Viper NT Fogger delivers everything from a light mist to a dense fog. The machine also has four control modes to make it easy to operate in different situations.

  • Manual Mode allows control of the fogger directly from the machine, when it can be positioned within easy reach. Simply set the output level and press enter to start producing fog.  Press enter a second time to turn it off.
  • Timer Mode provides timing parameters to control fog output. A series of fog production and pause times can be created, and the fogger will automatically run the program.
  • The Viper Fogger also can be controlled from a DMX board. This feature is ideal for concerts, stage performances, and touring events.
  • The fogger even can be operated from a distance via an optional wireless remote or remote box. Set the fogger up nearly anywhere and control it from off-stage/off-camera. The wireless option is fantastic when the machine needs to be hidden on-set.

Optional road case available. Also consider purchasing our ducting adaptor to easily connect ducting to your Viper NT.

Fluids for use in the Viper NT:

Need help operating a Look Viper Fogger or have questions about the machine? Check out our Viper NT Troubleshooting guide.

We also carry replacement parts:

Technical Data:

Type Vaporizing fog generator
Power requirement 1300 Watt
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz or 120 V / 60 Hz
Warm up time Approx. 7 min
Fluid consumption at max output 120 ml / min
Fluid consumption at continuous output 35 ml / min
Fluid tank capacity 5 liters
Fog output Adjustable in 99 steps
Output projection Max. 15 m
Fogging time at <50% output Continuous output
DMX 512
0-10 V analog
Stand-alone Mode
Radio remote (optional)
Temperature control Microprocessor controlled
Overheating protection
Heater block 
Thermal switch
Dimensions (LWH) 14 x 24 x 15 in (47 x 23 x 24 cm)
Weight without bottle Approx. 18.96 lb (8.6 kg)


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