Look Solutions Products

Look Solutions Products

Look Solutions offers a wide range of equipment and fluids to meet the demands of any size theatrical or motion picture production.  When you need to create great looking fog to capture light, create depth, or recreate actual fog—look to LOOK.


If you need to deliver large volumes of atmospheric fog or haze and quickly, there are three great options from LOOK—The LOOK Orka Fog Machine, The LOOK Viper NT Fog Machine, and The LOOK Viper S Fog Machine.  

The Look Orka delivers enormous output.  It’s the kind of output that fills large concert halls and even stadiums. It’s a great machine for large motion picture studios and theme parks. The manufacturer’s website indicates that “the ORKA is the most powerful fog generator available on the market that is produced as a serial product.”

We’re impressed with The Look Viper NT, and we think you will be too.  In our tests, the Viper NT was able to fill our 100,000 cu. ft.  machine shop in just over 4 minutes.

The Look Viper S is a more compact version of the Viper NT.  The output is about the same. The big difference is that the fluid for the Viper S is delivered from an onboard bottle that needs to be removed and refilled.  


If you need portability or you want to conceal a machine on set or in a prop Look Solutions delivers several great options. These machines are great when you need to do atmospheric “fill-ins” or recreate smoke or steam emanating from a prop.

We’d also like to point out that in 2008 the R&D team at Look Solutions won an Academy Award for the fog generating process in the Look Tiny FX. Which is to say that the team at Look Solutions is very serious about creating great atmosphere.

The smallest Look device that we carry is The Look Tiny S Handheld Fog Machine. The Look S is just 4”x2”x1.5”.  The Look S can be operated by its onboard start button or by the supplied cable remote. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery which is screwed into the machine.

While The Look Tiny FX unit is technically smaller than the Look S, the external battery pack for the Tiny FX is nearly as big as the device. The power extension cable gives you a great deal of flexibility in concealing it onset or in wardrobe.  The Tiny FX also features multiple methods of operation that make it extra discrete—it can be operated using the supplied cable remote, by DMX converter, or by optional wireless remote.

If you need to deliver fog unobtrusively over many takes without having to plug in the device, The Look Tiny CX features an exchangeable battery pack. It’s super simple to swap out the battery and replace the fluid tank.  The dimensions of the Tiny CX are 9”x2”x2”.

When you need to deliver a lot of fog from a relatively small device or you need to produce fill-in atmosphere, consider The Look Power Tiny. The battery in the Power Tiny can deliver 10 minutes of continuous output (optional battery packs are available).



The Look Unique 2.1 Hazer delivers produces even, smooth atmosphere that requires very little “wafting” or “settling” time. We found it’s rate of output comparable to the Viper machines, but its color cast was close to neutral, with a slight lean toward the warm spectrum.



When you need to be extra-discrete in delivering fog on set,  Look Solutions makes an optional Wired and Wireless Remotes for the Look Foggers.



Look Solutions features a variety of fog and haze fluids to deliver great looking atmosphere.


Replacement Parts

We offer the most common replacement parts for look solutions fog machines. We are also an authorize Look Solutions service center if you need a machine repaired. 

WARNING: It’s very important that you use the correct fluid for your machine. Use of any fluid other than the manufacturers specified fluid will damage the machine, void the warranty, and result in expensive repairs.

If you will be running a Look Orka, a Look Viper NT, or a Look Viper S there are three fluid options—Look Quick Fog Fluid, Look Regular Fog Fluid, and Look Slow Fog Fluid.  The main difference among these products is the duration of hang time. Look Quick Fog Fluid (LAUSD Acceptable) dissipates rapidly, it’s great when you need to reset for each take.  Look Regular Fog Fluid (LAUSD Acceptable) is perfect for scenes that are moderately long, but need to be reset for each take. Look Slow Fog Fluid (LAUSD Acceptable) is excellent when you need to preserve the continuity of atmosphere.

If you will be using any Look Tiny machine, there is only one option—Look Tiny Fog Fluid (LAUSD Acceptable).

If you’ll be operating a Look Unique Haze Machines insist on Look Unique Haze Fluid (LAUSD Acceptable). The atmosphere produced is especially great for period piece films.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 818-994-3049.