Simulated Glass Bullet Hits
Simulated Glass Bullet Hits - glitter

Simulated Glass Bullet Hit

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Vaseline Hits

Our simulated glass bullet hits produce the look of a bullet impacting glass. Filled with vaseline, they hit a car window and spatter as if the glass has shattered.

  • Take care not to stand too close to the glass you want to "shoot."
  • Use a 68.9 Caliber paint ball gun with variable power and set it to a low pressure. 

Glitter Hits

Simulate glass debris or shrapnel. You'll get the best look if you shoot with the camera perpendicular to the window.


NOTE: In most circumstances, these hits will most likely will not break tempered glass - we said MOST. There are circumstances in which these hits might break tempered glass. They probably will break thin float glass. 



» Download the Vaseline SDS

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