Sweeney Propane Can Popper
Sweeney Propane Can Popper shown in parts

Propane Can Popper Sweeney

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Sweeney Propane Can Popper

This popper uses a standard US 14.1 ounce Propane or Mapp Gas cylinder to produce a repeatable, predictable Special Effects Fireball that dissipates in a few seconds and leaves no obnoxious residue.

The popper is hardware that enables the Special Effects Pyrotechnician to pierce a Propane or MAPP Gas cylinder and release its contents in a few milliseconds.

Please be aware that to purchase this popper, you must prove to us that you are a licensed, experienced, qualified Special Effects Pyrotechnician.

6 Propane poppers being used to create a fire effect.

The image above shows 6 can poppers triggered in a sequence. 

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