Nichrome Wire

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Our 30-gauge high-grade nickel chromium alloy wire is superb for ignition and heating purposes. Nichrome metal is very corrosion-resistant and has a melting point of 1400°C (2552°F). This metal is used in heating coils for hair-dryers, toaster ovens, heat guns, and soldering irons. In the special FX world, it can be used for cutting foam or setting off pyrotechnic devices.

Sold in quarter pound spools.

    NOTE: Although purchasing nichrome wire does not require a pyrotechnic license, using it for the purpose of igniting pyrotechnic devices DOES require licenses and documentation.

    To determine the correct gauge of wire to use for your specific application, use these equations from Ohms Law:

    Volts = Amps x Ohms

    Amps = Volts ÷ Ohms

    Ohms = Volts ÷ Amps

    Watts = Volts x Amps

    Watts = Amperes2 x Ohms

    Resistance (in Ohms) per 1 foot of wire:

    • 30 Gauge: 13.39 Ohms

    To determine the proper gauge wire for a particular application, use Ohms law as follows:

    V divided by R per foot = AMPS
    AMPS x V = Watts

    30 Gauge (.008), Resistance/ft. - 13.390 1798.20'/spool