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Gypsnow is a powdered gypsum plaster that's terrific for faking objects—concrete, cinder blocks, bricks—that are lightweight, fragile, and will be destroyed on camera. The light weight and fraility of cured Gypsnow make it exceptionally safe to destroy around talent and crew.

Able to be molded into any configuration, once hardened Gypsnow is easy to carve, cut, or shape.

It's frequently used to build miniatures that will be destroyed on camera and to simulate impact effects.

Sold in fifty (50) pound bags.

Sometimes referred to as 'pyrosil.'



Gypsnow expands rapidly with the addition of water. Due to its rapid expansion, the maximum recommended mix for any one pour is five gallons.

The following quantities of Gypsnow and water will expand to just over the top of a five (5) gallon pail:

9 lbs Gypsnow + 1.3 gallons water. Use warm NOT hot water.

Always use a release agent such as Murphy's Oil Soap in your mold or bucket.


Start with the required water in a five gallon pail.

Add all of the Gypsnow powder at one time and mix immediately for 3 to 5 seconds with a low speed paddle type mixing blade.

*Do not over mix.

*Pour as quickly as possible into the mold.


Gypsnow must stay in the mold for 45 minutes to an hour before the product may be removed.

The product must be allowed to dry for at least 48 hours before it is cut, carved, and/or painted.


Gypsnow should be kept indoors where possible. If stored outdoors, ensure product is on a pallet off the ground and adequately covered to remain dry.