Sweeney Diamond Snatch Blocks
Sweeney Diamond Snatch Block 1/4 x 4 1/4"
Sweeney Diamond Snatch Block 1/4 x 5 5/8"
Diamond Snatch Blocks Sweeney

Diamond Snatch Blocks Sweeney

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Sweeney Diamond Snatch Blocks

Our High Speed Diamond Snatch Blocks are sheaves in which the cheeks can swivel, allowing the user to place the snatch block on a cable already in place. The Diamond Snatch blocks come in 3 sizes. ¼” with a 4.25 pulley, ¼” with a 5.625 pulley and our smaller 3/16’ with a 2.5” pulley.   Both of the ¼” diamond snatch blocks have a 1,400 lbs. working load and the pulley groove is sized to pass a ¼” synthetic rope splice. The 3/16” block has a 875 lbs working load and is intended for synthetic rope use. The pulleys on all the blocks  feature double row sealed high speed metric bearings and the cheeks are CNC milled from 6061T6 aluminum billets and are anodized black. The blocks open and close with a twist.

The blocks can be secured shut with either our D Shackle (SH-CP-SNATCH-D) or Bow Shackle (SH-CP-SNATCH-BOW) which will fit all three sizes. One end of the 3/16” snatch block will also fit a carabiner, not included.  These blocks are Rugged, lightweight, and professional.

How the ¼” x 4.25" snatch block came to be.

Matt's friend and colleague, Richard Epper, who is an amazing stuntman, convinced him that there was a need for a compact High Speed Diamond Snatch that can fit within a 12-inch truss and is designed for 1/4-inch Synthetic rope. Matt came up with this awesome compact 1/4 x 4.25-inch aluminum pulley to get the job done. It's got a large double-row High Speed sealed bearing and a pulley groove wide enough to fit a 1/4-inch Spectra or Amsteel splice. Plus, the pulley is precision made in house with CNC black anodized aluminum cheeks and has 1/2-inch stepped brackets on both ends. On the test stand, this block survived the 12,000lb pull necessary to break the sling of 1/4in synthetic.

The 3/16" x 2 1/2" Snatch Block

The 3/16in x 2-1/2in High Speed Diamond Snatch Block was designed for synthetic rope and it's super compact, measuring only 5-3/4in long by 2-3/4in wide by 1in thick. It's made strong and light coming in at just 12 ounces. It's got a shackle hole on one end and a carabiner hole on the other. The double row sealed precision High Speed bearing give you smooth quite opperation, and the cheeks are made of black anodized Aluminum.

”Pulley in wheels axels and bearings used sweeney sheaves=

Here are the High Speed pulleys, bearing, and axle used in our Diamond Snatch blocks. Note the large double row High Speed Sealed metric bearing. The axle in the picture is used in both of the blocks; Stainless steel bar stock CNC turned and threaded, then precision centerless ground for a perfect fit.


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