Blue color change fluid kit. A and B bottles
Pink color change fluid kit.

Color Change Solution

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If the script calls for a character to perform a test for drugs or other substances—prop masters and effects operators use our Color Change Solution. When the two liquids are mixed together there is a dramatic and vibrant change in color.

Color Change Solution comes in two hues, “inky blue” and “hot pink”.

This product should NOT be consumed.

May stain surfaces, clothing, and skin.

Only sold in 32 oz units.

Orders for Color Change Solution are made to order and usually ship in 1 - 2 business days.

24-Hour Notice Needed for Preparation

Call 818-994-3049 for more information or for large quantities of Color Change Solution.

» Download the Color Change Pink A Solution SDS » Download the Color Change Blue A Solution SDS

» Download the Color Change (Pink or Blue) B Solution SDS