Blaster Dust Gun dirt and dust spreader that’s air powered.
Blaster Dust Gun head featuring a pressure valve and flow control.
Blaster Dust Gun intake.
Blaster Dust Gun spreading dust / dirt.

Blaster Dust Gun

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A Roger George Exclusive!

The Blaster Dust Gun is produces dusted surfaces quickly and efficiently. It's equipped with a unique agitation tube designed to keep dust supply loose so the siphon can easily pick up and shoot the dust.

Ideal operating pressure: 0-12 psi, depending on how much dust is needed.

Set your source pressure between 20 and 90 psi, depending on the type and amount of dust to be used.

Fill chamber no more than 3/4 full with dust.

For safety, the chamber is equipped with a relief valve set at 45 psi.

The blaster has a 2 qt. capacity and shoots 12 CFM @ 90 psi source pressure.