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Methyl Cellulose Powder

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Methyl cellulose makes sublime slime and great goop... and it's non-toxic.

*Also available in 44lb Bags*  Call to order!

Recipes and mixing instructions for three different viscosities—slime, goop, and double thick goop—are included with each order. To add color, we recommend food coloring or other non-toxic pigments.

Kit comes with two scoops and instructions.

Want more information? 

Check out our Methyl Cellulose Troubleshooting page or call 818-994-3049. 

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1. Measure powdered methyl cellulose based on desired viscosity with the provided        scoop:
  • Thin viscosity “slime” 1 scoop = 45g powdered methyl cellulose
  • Medium viscosity “goop” 1.5 scoops = 68 g powdered methyl cellulose
  • Heavy viscosity “double thick goop” 2 scoops = 90 g powdered methyl cellulose

2. Divide methyl cellulose powder into two equal parts and set aside.

3. Heat three (3) quarts of water to near boiling and transfer into a one (1) gallon container (or larger).

4. Add one-half of the methyl cellulose powder to the water and stir vigorously until dissolved.

5. Add the other half of the methyl cellulose powder and stir vigorously until dissolved.

6. Add one (1) quart of room temperature or chilled water and stir well. Product will thicken as it cools.


» Download the Methyl Cellulose SDS

» Download the Slime/Goop-Making Instructions

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