Panther Felt Fire Resistant Cloth

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Excellent for welding protection and fire safety. Withstands direct flame, heavy sparks, and molten metal.  

Benefits include:

  • Prevents transfer of heat
  • Tear resistant with built-in reinforcement
  • Drapes nicely over uneven surfaces
  • Protects delicate surfaces from abrasion
  • Releases residual slag easily after use


  • Working temperature of 1800°F
  • Momentary working temperature of 3000°F
  • 1/8" thickness, 53" wide, sold by the running yard.

*Also available 1/4" thickness—special order only.

Price is per yard.  Full Rolls of 50 Yards Available $1787.50 - Ships as Oversize

» Download the Panther Felt SDS