Fog Machines and Hazers

Fog Machines and Hazers

We sell a variety of fog machines to address your needs. What kind of fog do you need to create and where? These parameters are important to know when you’re selecting a fogger.  

Large Volume

If you’re looking to create a large volume of fog the Look Solutions Orca, Look Solutions Viper NT, and the LeMaitre G300 are very effective and highly reliable. Any of these machines can fill a set with fog in seconds. Each device has controls to let you control density, dispersal time, and more.

Ground Fog & Low Lying Fog

If you want to produce a layer of fog that hugs the ground take a look at the Antari Ice Fogger. This machine uses regular ice (instead of dry-ice) to produce a terrific looking blanket. It also has full DMX so it can be operated directly from the board.

Compact Fog Machines

Small fog machines are easy to move, easy to conceal, and can be powered by batteries—so they’re portable. We sell several Look Solutions Tiny models that vary in size and output capacity.

The Look Solutions Power Tiny has the highest output of our small fog machines.  It can be controlled with an optional XLR remote or with a wireless remote control.

If you need big output in a small space, there’s the Look Solutions Tiny Fogger. It’s designed so the fluid reservoir can be placed at a distance from the machine. It comes with a cable remote. There’s also an optional wireless remote and a DMX converter.

Look Tiny Compact is about half the size of the Power Tiny so it’s lighter in weight.  It has an internal battery that can run continuously for 10-15 minutes before the device needs to be recharged.

The Look Tiny FX and Tiny CX have exchangeable battery packs so they can be operated over multiple shots without the need of a power cable. The Tiny FX is so small it’s easy to conceal in small places including in props and wardrobe. The Tiny CX and FX have exchangeable battery so can operate over multiple takes by exchanging packs.

There’s also the Look Solutions Tiny S, the smallest machine available from Look. It’s powered by rechargeable battery packs and comes with a refillable fog-fluid reservoir.

We even have the JPv Mini Fogger. This tiny machine is about the size of a soda can and uses it uses advanced vapor technology to produce great looking fog.

DMX Controlled Fog Machines

If you’re looking for a machine that can be operated from your theatrical control board you might want to consider the Look Viper NT—it can produce volumes of fog both large and small. It also has onboard controls, including a programmable timer.  We also carry the Look Unique 2 Hazer for delivering atmospheric effects, which is also DMX compatible.

Wireless Remote Control

If you need to control a fog machine wirelessly we have a few options. We sell wireless remote controls for the the Look Viper NT, Tiny FX, CX, and S. Also, the JPv Mini Fogger comes with its own remote control

If you need more help selecting a machine please call 818-994-3049.