Road Burn Fluid

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Road Burn Fluid is a spectacular effect—a track of highly visible flames traveling along a line fluid.

This effect has been used in TV and motion pictures, most notably "Back To The Future.”

For outdoor use only.

Can leave a burn stain.

Trial takes are a must to determine speed of the burn.

Remote ignition is imperative.

Due to the nature of the fuel, ignition can occur as far as 25' from the fuel.

It is critical that smoking be prohibited within 50' of the fuel source.

This material is hazardous.

We require the following for purchase:

      • An ATF FEL
      • A pyrotechnician’s license
      • A Permit to Purchase from the local fire department (California only)
      • Pyro Agreement signed by the license holder and the producer/production manager of the project.

Hazardous shipping & handling charges apply to this item.

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