Flamecheck™ M-111 Fire Retardant

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Flamecheck™ M-111 is a universal non-toxic fire retardant that works on any absorbent material, including both natural and synthetic materials.

Flamecheck™ M-111 dries to an invisible durable protective coating, with no residue or rings to change the aesthetics of treated items.

When completely dried and cured, it is both odorless and colorless and is visible only under a long wave ultraviolet light(ask for additive when ordering).

Properly applied Flamecheck™ M-111 meets or exceeds the criteria for Class "A" rating on most materials.

Check out the manufacturer's video demonstration using two doll houses.  One protected with Flamecheck, the other NOT protected.  

Flamecheck™ M-111 can be used with:

  • Anything absorbent
  • Fabrics, including natural, synthetic and blends
  • Flags and banners
  • Draperies and stage curtains
  • Costumes
  • Stage props
  • Polystyrene
  • Foam rubber
  • Backdrops
  • Decorations
  • Real and silk flowers and plants
  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Christmas trees

» Download the Flamecheck™ M-111 SDS

» Download the Flamecheck™ M-111 Certification