Colored Fire Fluid in magenta, orange, green and blue

Colored Fire Fluid

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Colored fire fluid creates dazzling, vibrant, cool-burning colored flames.

This fluid can be applied to an absorbent wick, added to a torch, or injected into a natural gas or propane flame.

Requires wicking. We recommend Panther Felt.

Your choice of colors:

  • Magenta (red)
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange

CAUTION: When injected under pressure, COLORED FIRE FLUID can produce a flame of ten (10) feet or more in height.

We require the following for purchase:

    • An ATF FEL
    • A pyrotechnician’s license
    • Pyro Agreement signed by the license holder and the producer/production manager of the project.

Hazardous shipping and handling charges apply to this item. Can only ship Fed Ex Priority Overnight. 

Also available in 55 Gallon Drums - Call for a Quote!


» Download the Colored Fire Fluid Magenta SDS

» Download the Colored Fire Fluid Orange SDS

» Download the Colored Fire Fluid Green SDS

» Download the Colored Fire Fluid Blue SDS

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