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Slime and Goop

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What type of slime do you want to create?  Are you looking for the ectoplasm of Ghostbusters or the stringy saliva of Alien? Maybe you’re looking to create the troll snot from Harry Potter or the dog drool from Turner and Hooch.

We have the ingredients to create any consistency of slime -- from runny uncooked egg-white to snot.  We’ll even provide a few recipes to make it easier for you to find the right viscosity.

The basic components of slime and goo are Methyl-Cellulose and water -- and the proportion of methyl-cellulose to water determines thickness. Here’s the recipe for slime and goo, it’s very easy to make. Plus, methyl-cellulose is non-toxic and water soluble so it’s safe to use around talent. It’s also fairly easy to clean up.

Or you can buy our pre-made slime—Super Goop. It’s GOOEY!

We carry a variety of polymers and additives so you can control the opacity, texture and color of your goo.