Pyrodigital FC-E Raptor Field Controller

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The Pyrodigital FC-E Raptor is a compact, cost effective field controller, perfect for smaller shows and displays with simplified operation.

The Raptor is the smaller brother of the FC-A Field Controller. The Raptor has the same firing power as the legacy FC-3 and it costs approximately a quarter of the FC-A.  The Raptor is fully compatible with all existing Pyrodigital Firing Modules.

The FC-E was designed for intuitive operation. The Raptor makes it easy for operators to fire manual or automatic programs. The FC-E even makes it easy to check continuity.

The Raptor provides two firing tables with a maximum of 640 shots each.  The Raptor can even be synchronized to Pyrodigitial PD-FSK timecode through an external modem.

With the FC-E Raptor you can control up to 40 Pyrodigital firing modules using two script tables and fire your show manually, fire a scripted show manually, or auto fire your scripted show using the internal clock.

More Details:

  • Drive up to 40 Pyrodigital Firing Modules
  • Up to 2 scripting tables with 640 lines each
  • Simplified operation
  • Direct manual fire
  • Scripted manual fire
  • Scripted auto fire using the internal clock
  • Ability to proceed to the next shot when in auto fire
  • External deadman switch option
  • Download scripts via USB
  • Large OLED display
  • Built-in continuity checking

In addition the following accessories are available:

  • Deadman pickle (for FC-A and FC-E)
  • Spare key (for FC-E)
  • Case (for FC-E)

    » Download the Raptor Operating Instructions



    The Raptor is FRICKING AWESOME   Beautiful. Outstanding on everything -- packaging, case, looks, operation, firmware ... everything.  I really didn't know what to expect, but If you know how to operate any PD FC, then you already know how to operate the Raptor.  I immediately felt completely at home and familiar with the Raptor.  The Raptor truly IS a "Mini Field Controller"  I am quite impressed!  SUPERB JOB -- Congratulations on an extreme masterpiece of engineering!

    -- Ken Nixon, the originator of Pyrodigital