G300 Fog Machine Troubleshooting

G300 Fog Machine Troubleshooting

How to set up and run a G300 Fog Machine

G300 fog machine in action 

1: Place the machine on a level surface and ensure that it will not tip or slide.

2: Connect the power cable to an isolated 20A circuit (Due to the high current draw of these machines, plugging them into cube-taps or plug-strips may cause shorts and tripped breakers/fuses. It is suggested to always plug the machine into it’s own outlet.)

3: Connect the tubes from the machine to a bottle of fluid.

4: Turn on the Main Power switch located on the back of the machine. After a couple seconds, “G300” should appear, indicating that the machine is in “G300” Mode*.

5: Ensure that all of the dials (Interval, Duration, Flow Rate) are turned to their lowest setting.

6: Three Flashing bars will appear on the screen as the system warms up. When these bars disappear, the machine is ready to use.

7: Switch on the “Smoke” button and slowly turn the “Flow” dial clockwise. Numbers will scroll across the screen, indicating that the flow rate is being increased. After a couple seconds, fog should begin coming from the machine. Adjust the amount of fog with the “Flow” dial. To turn the fog off, switch the “Smoke” button to off.

*To switch to “G300” Mode
This method is for Roger George Rentals’ G300 Machines that are equipped with a key-switch to prevent accidental mode change.

i: Ensure that the power to the machine is OFF

ii: Turn the Key-Switch to the “G300” mode position

iii: Turn on the Main Power

iv: The display should change to read “G300”


This method is for machines that are NOT equipped with a key-switch but have a “G300” button:

i: Turn OFF the machine

ii: Hold down the G300 button and turn ON the machine.

iii: After a short period, the display will change to read “G300” and will continue with the start-up procedure. You can now release the button.


How to break down setup (cleanup)

1:When finished using the G300 machine, turn off the fog by switching the “Smoke” switch off. Return all of the dials to their lowest setting.

2: Turn off the machine from the main power switch. Disconnect the power cable and remove the fluid bottle from the machine. Residual Fluid in the line is normal.

3: Clean up any spills or condensed fluid, this can cause slip-and-fall hazards.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Is it safe to inhale fog/smoke?
A: All of the fluids we use at Roger George are non-toxic; however, it is very common for atmospheric effects to irritate people’s respiratory systems. Everyone handles smoke/fog differently, some people can be immersed in the densest fog for hours without even a cough, while others are easily irritated by the lightest of hazes. It is impossible to tell how you or your crew will react to the different fog/smoke effects until exposure occurs. Be aware that the LSG unit has additional hazards that other fog machines do not: because the LSG creates low-lying fog that is laden with CO2, asphyxiation is a dangerous possibility! Never lay down in the fog or allow the fog to go raise above shoulder-level, this will ensure that you are still able to breathe oxygen and that you will not suffocate. For more information about fog/smoke safety, check out our Smoke and Fog Fluid Guide.

Q: My G300 is stuck in haze mode! How do I get it into G300 mode?

A: There are 2 methods for switching the machine into G300 mode (depending on which machine type you have)

The first method is for machines that have a “G300” button located at the top of the control panel.

Make sure the machine is off. Turn on the machine and hold down the “G300” button. After a brief period, you should see “G300” on the screen and the machine will continue with its startup sequence. You can now let go of the button, and the machine will be in “G300 Mode.”


The second method is for machines that have been modified and have a silver key-switch that says “G300”

Make sure the machine is off and turn the key-switch to the “G300” setting. When you turn the machine on, it should now be in “G300 Mode.”


Q: When I turn on my G300 machine, sometimes it flashes “50” and sometimes it flashes “60,” what do these numbers mean?
A: When the machine is first turned on, it does a check to determine the frequency of the electricity it is receiving. Some locations use 60 hertz, others use 50 hertz. The machine uses this information for calibrating its sensitive timing information.

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