Pyrodigital FC-E Raptor

Pyrodigital FC-E Raptor

Pyrodigital has announced a new compact field controller the FC-E Raptor. 

The FC-E Raptor is designed to be easy to use, and cost effective. It's perfect for smaller shows and displays. 

Some of the key features of the FC-E raptor are:

  • Drives up to 40 Pyrodigital Firing Modules
  • Simplified operation
  • Direct manual fire
  • Scripted manual fire
  • Remote Deadman option
  • USB script download
  • Built in continuity checking

Price: $2450

We will be accepting pre-orders from now until the end of February. Pre-ordered controllers will be delivered by the middle of June 2019.

Call now to place your Pre-Order 818-994-3049

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