Sweeney Pulleys / Single Sheaves

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Sweeney pulleys / single sheaves are durable, reliable, and pull smoothly.

We recommend the use of Sweeney shackles with Sweeney sheaves to ensure the working load limit for both parts is the same.

Check the chart below for sizes.

Diamond Sheaves

Description Part Number
3/64 " X 3/4" Diamond sheave DS-046X750
3/32" X 1" Elevator sheave, WLL 200 lbs DS-093X1000-E
3/32" X 2.5" Diamond sheave, AC, WLL 200 lbs DS-O93X25O0
1/8" X 3.5" Diamond sheave, high speed, will pass an 1/8" synthetic splice, WLL 400 lbs DS-125X3500-HS
3/16" X 4.25" Diamond sheave, high speed, WLL 700 lbs DS-187X4250-HS
1/4" x 5.625" Diamond sheave, high speed, WLL 1400 lbs DS-250DX5625-HS
1/2" x8" Diamond sheave, high speed, WLL 5840 lbs DS-500X8000-HS