Look Power Tiny fog machine
Look Power Tiny fog machine back view
Look Power Tiny fog machine power button
Look Power Tiny fog machine front view
Look Power Tiny fog machine power cord
Look Power Tiny fog machine

Look Solutions Power Tiny Fog Machine

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The Look Power Tiny has a warm-up time of one second. It's lightweight (12.5 lbs), compact (8.75" x 4" x 8.25"), and incredibly mobile. With a simple-to-use output control knob and an activation button built into the grip, it's even simple to operate with one hand.

The Power Tiny runs on rechargeable batteries and its microprocessor regulates power to minimize consumption. Stand-by time is 250 hours. A fully charged battery can produce 10 minutes of continuous output or up to 150 x 5 second bursts.

Extra battery packs are available (complete with housing, PCB, fuses, and plug) and batteries can be changed quickly and easily.

The Power Tiny can be controlled with an optional XLR remote or wireless radio remote.

Fluids for use in the Power Tiny:

The versatility of this advanced machine won it an Academy Award in 2008.

Technical Data:

Type Vaporizing fog generator
Power requirement 400 Watt
Voltage 12 V with battery
Heat up time 1 second
Fluid tank capacity 250 ml
Fluid consumption 10 ml/min. at cont. output
Fog time with battery
10 min. continuous output with battery or 150 x 5 sec. bursts
Start button in the lid
0-10V analog
Radio remote (option)
DMX 512-converter (option)
Timer (option)
Temperature control Microprocessor
Dimensions (L x W x H) 8.75 x 4 x 8.25 in
Weight incl. battery 12.35 lb (5.6 kg)