LeMaitre HazeMaster
LeMaitre HazeMaster
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LeMaitre HazeMaster

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The LeMaitre HazeMaster is a professional grade machine. Perfect for large stages, theatres, and concert venues.

The HazeMaster has a short warm up time and a high rate of output. It’s capable of filling large volumes quickly.

With the high quality PureHaze fluid, the HazeMaster produces a balanced and neutral haze look. The atmosphere produced allows you to add definition to your lighting and depth to your scene.

If time is a critical component in your production, you need a LeMaitre HazeMaster.

This machine is very easy to operate. Built in onboard control knobs make adjusting fan and haze output simple.

If you are looking to operate the machine remotely, the HazeMaster has DMX built in. Both styles of DMX are available—3-pin DMX and 5-pin DMX.

In our tests the HazeMaster was able to reduce the transmission of light one stop at a rate of 33,500 cubic feet per minute.  This output rate is the highest among the machines we sell.